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by Luke 3. October 2009 12:47

Hello, my name is Luke Voss and I founded Mindviews Labs.

I'd like to introduce myself and let you know a few things about me. First off, I'm a pretty big nerd. I grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek: The Next Generation and popular science books to feed my imagination. I was fortunate that my parents and teachers made opportunities for me to explore my math and science interests above and beyond the usual school offerings. I eventually earned my undergraduate degree in Physics and worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) for five years.

I am also a member of a small generation that grew up at the same time that the personal computer did. In grade school, one of my playmates was an Apple //e that lived at my neighbor's house, and I went to school with a several Commodore 64's. My parents adopted a pair of Packard Bell computers for me and my sister a few years later and in high school our library had networked computers connected to the internet. As much as I learned from using computers growing up, I was also learning to program and liked to think that I was "teaching" computers something new.

I had a very exciting combination of experiences near the end of my time at JPL. Looking at the space mission design process, the software tools, the work of specialists, and the direction of custom engineering software written in-house, I saw a huge opportunity to make computers help do the work that people have to do by hand today. After two years of experimenting, developing a series of prototypes, and teaching the computers some new tricks, the technology is now paying off and can do some remarkable work. That's why I started this company.

While I expect to be the primary contributor to the Mindviews Labs blog, I won't be the focus. This space is to explain why this company is important and how I hope it can change the world. The tagline for Mindviews Labs is "Automating Engineering" and that sums up the long-term goal of the company. We are inventing the tools that we think will be commonplace in 20 years - an environment where software can do many of the same tasks that a trained engineer is needed for today.

Our challenge has been to find a roadmap to our long-term goal that lets us begin to use that technology today and we think we have one. So we founded the first of many Labs within the company to "Automate Boring Engineering". We are also kicking off a couple of other Labs for data visualization and information analysis. Each lab group we form must meet two basic criteria: 1) it must work toward the long-term goal of automating engineering and 2) it must create products and tools that we can use today.

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