ORF Coming Up

by Luke 23. October 2009 09:39

October Rules Fest 2009 is rapidly approaching and I'm putting the final touches on the papers and slides for my two talks. I will be giving presentations on "Graph Based Knowledge Bases and Rules" and "Designing a System of Rule Based Agents".

These papers cover some of our secret sauce that I mentioned in the last post. These technical innovations in rule-engine design/use have been key to our automation systems. These tools have given us the performance and scalability improvements we needed to make our software for automating boring engineering viable.

I believe many young technology companies are too secretive about their competitive advantage. Unless you've signed an NDA, the most you'll learn about their process or technology is that "the magic happens" and then you get the result. The software equivalent is "security through obscurity" which any security expert will tell you is little better than no security at all - in fact it often provides the illusion of security thus leading to overconfidence. So why is the analogy important?

We think hiding our secret sauce would work against us. We are working on hard problems with real technological innovations. The sharing of ideas and feedback will make our work better and help us build the tools we need to automate engineering. Our competitive advantage isn't in our secrets, it's in our execution. We're doing something hard. We're doing it well. And we challenge anyone to do it better.

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