ORF Reflections

by Luke 5. November 2009 07:14

As expected, October Rules Fest was excellent. For any other companies using or thinking of using rule based systems, I strongly recommend attending this conference next year. The focus is very much on real-world work being done in several industries using this technology. In a few months the conference papers should be released publicly, so check back and I'll try to provide a link.

One of my favorite talks was by Mark Proctor on the future of rule engines. His thoughts squared with many of our thoughts on rule-engine and language design, and we will be implementing several of his suggestions in the coming months to improve our systems.

There were also many other excellent presentations, but I'd like to see even more AI style expert-systems developers at the conference next year. Much of the use today is in algorithmic trading and processing by financial firms - the place where rule-engines seem to have found a home after the AI winter. But like so many technologies from that era, rule-based expert systems have quietly spread into a wide range of applications. We'd like to meet more of these developers and learn about what you have been up to.

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